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Blow Your Mind album by Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., Copyright 1981-2019 All Rights Reserved

BEAUTIFUL DAY is Track#5 off of the Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. - BLOW YOUR MIND Album

Blow Your Mind by Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., Copyright 1981-2018 All Rights Reserved

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Song Lyrics to BEAUTIFUL DAY © 1981-2018 Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., All Rights Reserved - BMI

The clouds float by like the waves in the sea, the stars shine brighter for those who can't see, the turning. The people don't talk they sense what you're feeling, everyone cares they know we're all dealing, we're learning.

If we never had seen a rainy night, if we never had a cop, read our rights, then I wouldn't be able to say today hey hey, isn't it a Beautiful Day...Today?

Misty clouds form a ring that goes round as they sing, they do what they feel, 'cause it's no big deal, we're dreaming. Everyone shines, yes every one's glistening, no body hears, they know we're all listening, we're screaming.

If we never had seen an ugly sight, if we never had a hungary appetite, then I wouldn't be able to say today hey hey, isn't it a Beautiful Day...Today?

People don't dream, they already are. People don't go, they're already far, we're giving. No one is saying, all has been said. No one is dying and no one is dead, we're living, we're living.

If we never had seen an ugly sight, if we never had a cop, read our rights, then I wouldn't be able to say today hey hey, isn't it a Beautiful Day...Today, isn't it a Beautiful Day, Today, Isn't it a Beautiful Day? Isn't it a Beautiful Day, Today? Isn't it a Beautiful Day.

Interview with the artist Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. - About his song; BEAUTIFUL DAY

Of all of the songs that I've written, my song BEAUTIFUL DAY is the most important and meaningful song of all to me. Back in 1981 I was laying on my couch and awake, but trying to sleep for the upcoming gig I had later that evening. I found myself astral projecting and seeing everything around my apartment clear as day (as if I was floating around my apartment) and then found myself outside of the building, on top of the building, then in outer space basically traveling at the speed of light (see my follow up song Stuck In Between). I found myself to slow down around the planet Saturn floating in and out of the beautiful rings around the planet. I could sense the strong presence of people...or souls if you will all around me. Although I could not see them I could hear them, feel them, and communicate with them, yet no one was there physically. When I returned, I was left with the strong feeling of the total understanding of good and bad and it's importance. For if there was no bad, there would be no good to appreciate. I was left with the realization that we and our world exist only because of a total universal balance. And also an understanding that when we leave this planet, we live on which is why in the third verse of this song I repeat "we're living" twice...once for here and once for there. One of the souls I communicated with on this journey let me know that I was not to return until my time and I have honored this request by never attempting to astral project since then. I then jumped off of the couch and wrote the lyrics and the music to this song in less than 30 minutes. The following weekend I grabbed my band members (MYST) and we went to BRT Records in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and recorded this song getting around 10,000 45RPM records cut. We needed a flip song for the second side of the record, so I wrote "A Peek Through Your Window" while my drummer drove us across the state on Alligator Alley. A Peek Through Your Window actually received more radio air play in Florida and in Michigan than did Beautiful Day. Hey, but it's all good!


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BEAUTIFUL DAY by Jerry Chiappetta Jr