Important Update from Jerry Chiappetta, Jr.

Back in January of 2020 when the Covid Pandemic started in the USA, I was left with little choice but to retire from doing EMF Consultations. I still receive calls for EMF Surveys and I'm sorry but I do not know of any other EMF Surveyors that I would recommend.

Another question that I'm often asked is if there is a user friendly, inexpensive EMF Testing Meter that I would suggest for testing Electromagnetic Field Radiation in the home or around the property. There is one called a PRO 1-AXIS GAUSSMETER that I have personally tested aside my much more expensive EMF Meters and found this one to be the best valued EMF Meter for the money that can be purchased for right around $100.00 (link below). When testing your home or property for EMF any readings above 2.0 mG are what I would consider to be areas of concern. Make sure to have the meter setting set to read in mG.

When discovering the source of the higher EMF fields, if at all possible move the electrical device that is causing the higher fields further away from any areas in which anyone is frequenting or move the furniture (bed or chair for example) further away from the source if possible. Some common things that I'd suggest testing to find out how far the higher EMF fields extend to are; fluorescent and LED lights; microwave ovens, digital clocks; electric stove tops; electrical outlets; power adaptors; laptop computers; along with the walls and floors inside the home and grounds outside the home. If you're planning to purchase a new home or property, be sure to test the EMF drop off points from any power lines and/or transformers. If the power to the home or property is underground, be sure to hold the meter below knee level and make sure you don't set up a playground area for the kids or lounging area in the yard that's right on top of an underground power cable that's putting out high EMF's. Better safe than sorry!

I wish for you and your family to be healthy and happy!

Jerry Chiappetta, Jr.

PRO 1-AXIS GAUSSMETER Peak/Hold and Strong Field Measurement When you need a gaussmeter with plenty of range, you can't beat the features of this unit at any price! Single axis coverage of 30 Hz to 300 Hz Switchable units: mG to ┬ÁT. Even more features: Display Backlight; Max/Min/Hold; Display updates once per second; Auto power off, with override; Uses 1 standard 9V battery and can be powered by AC to DC 9V power adapter (sold separately). Click on Meter to Order.

Pro 1-Axis Gaussmeter EMF Meter


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