STUCK IN BETWEEN is Track#3 off of the Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. - BLOW YOUR MIND Album

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I'm traveling at the speed of light, I should make it there tonight, if my calculations are all right. What ever happened to the faces that I used to know? And what ever happened to the places that I used to go?

Can it be it's all a dream, and I'm just stuck somewhere in between, in another time or so it seems. All the things that shined have turned to rust. The buildings, trees, and homes have turned to dust. Can it be so simplified, all the things that lived and died, still made me laugh, as I cried.

Take me to another time, would you consider it a crime, to put the future back, so far behind? And every day I found, as I tumbled to the ground, I'd rather wear a smile than a frown.

Can it be that we are all old then young? And all the songs we sang, had become one. Can it be it’s all a dream? And I’m just stuck somewhere in between, in another time or so it seems. The times have changed, from the bottom to the top. Makes me wonder what would happen, should it all just suddenly stop!

Interview with the artist Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. - About his song; STUCK IN BETWEEN

STUCK IN BETWEEN is a song I wrote about time travel and a general follow-up to my song Beautiful Day. I've often wondered about what would happen should it all just suddenly stop. A day of pondering questions resulted in my writing STUCK IN BETWEEN. Enjoy!


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