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TATIANA'S BEDTIME SONG is Track#21 off of the Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. - BLOW YOUR MIND Album

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Song Lyrics to TATIANA's BEDTIME SONG © 2009-2018 Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., All Rights Reserved - BMI

The first time that I saw my Tatiana, she made me feel like something I could believe. Now every time that I see my Tatiana, I’m OK to wear my heart right on my sleeve. (I’m here, I wait) I’m here for you. (Beautiful) Tatiana I love you!

The first time that I held my Tatiana. The hardest thing to do was let her go. (I love you my) Tatiana, my (fiancée ) is now what we both know. (I’m here, I wait) I’m here for you. (Beautiful) Tatiana I love you!

The first time I made love with Tatiana, was on the beach in Nassau by the sea. Now every time I think of Tatiana, that’s where my heart and soul will always be. (I’m here, I wait) I’m here for you. (Beautiful) Tatiana I love you! (I’m here, I wait) I’m here for you. (Beautiful) Tatiana I love you!

Interview with the artist Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. - About his song; TATIANA'S BEDTIME SONG

TATIANA'S BEDTIME SONG is a song I wrote back in 2009 for my then fiancée and now wonderful wife that I love more and more each and every day. This song is sung and mixed with both English and Russian lyrics. The Russian lyrics are translated above into English. Dancing in Moscow (also on this album) is the story about how I met Tatiana.


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